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At DX Gutter Guard, we offer proper cover to the gutters to ensure no leaves or rubbish enter into the gutter system. No rubbish in the system will mean no water overflows. Our professionals install a leaf screener or best gutter guards effectively and help your premises remain protected in every way. For any type of premise you stay in, there is a gutter that takes care of the management of wastewater effectively. Keeping these gutters clean, however, is an important thing to do to make sure this wastewater management procedure remains uninterrupted.

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anthony panuccio
anthony panuccio
Amazing service and quality. Job done professionally. Highly recommended!
Tom Sumner
Tom Sumner
After responding promptly to my enquiry, Diego did a fantastic job of cleaning our gutters and installing gutter guard on our two story house. We were a little worried about how the gutter guard may look, but he colour matched everything perfectly and installed it so neatly - we are very happy with the result.
Phil Hayes
Phil Hayes
Diego came to our home to repair some damaged gutter guard and to clean underneath gutter guard that had been installed years ago. In some areas grass had started to grow through the guard. Diego was very thorough and completed all work to a high standard, including fixing installation problems from the original installer. He communicated well on all aspects of the job and shared many images of before and after so I could see exactly the work done. He also cleaned up leaf matter on the hard areas under the gutter at the end and left our home clean and tidy. Diego is just a pleasure to deal with. I would have no hesitations in recommending Diego and would most certainly use him again.
Jo D
Jo D
Diego put in gutter guards for my property in the inner west. He did a great job. Fast response , good price, good quality. I highly recommend.
Megan Dunn
Megan Dunn
Super happy with Diego and the job he did on my gutters. He did a thorough job and cleaned the whole outside after he had finished. I will definitely use his services again. Megan
Diego helped us install gutter guards for our two storey house, carport and granny flat. He was pleasant to work with and even came quite late in the evening just to get the job done. Thank you Diego for your good work!
Patrick Rouvray
Patrick Rouvray
Diego did a fantastic job, very happy with the result. Responsive and attentive to our needs, I would recommend him without a 2sd thought. Thanks Diego.
Karianne “KaLaf Artwork” Lafrance
Karianne “KaLaf Artwork” Lafrance
We are very happy with DX Gutter Guard! They worked very hard, the job is well done and they were very easy to communicate with answering texts and phone calls very fast! Would definitely recommend! Thanks guys!
Anna Pohl
Anna Pohl
After providing a clear quote and explaining what was required, Diego did a fabulous job of installing gutter guard on my house, and cleaning the gutters as well. He was efficient, precise and did a great job. I highly recommend him.

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We care for your roof as if it were our own.

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You can call us your gutter guard contractors, gutter guard installers, leaf screen installer, gutter cover contractors or anything and we will accept the designation you offer. After all, when it’s about us, it’s all about gutter guard and its installation. In a very short span of time, we have become one of the most sought-after leaf screener installation service provider in and across Sydney. When Sydneysider's thinks of having gutter guard installed in their home, we're the ones they call.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Bushfire incidents are quite common all across Australia, including Sydney. Being a Sydneysider, we always remain careful about the safety requirements of our clients. By installing gutter guards, our experts remove the chance of leaves catching fire, to enter into the gutters and spread the same all over. With the installation of a leaf guard, there will be no chance of bushfire ember mesh created, which will thereby guarantee protection to the premise.

Gutter Guard Tips

Get Experienced Installers

When we hire an installer, we check their skills and experience to figure out if they fit the job profile. Even a minute mistake in the process of installation of the gutter guard could lead to serious issues from overflowing gutters to possible bushfire incidents. Thus, it is recommended to have us on board and we will take care of all your gutter guard requirements.

Myths related to Gutter Guards

For the homeowners like you it is very confusing to choose the right gutter guards for their house, as there are a lot of types, sources and ideas available in the market. When too many ideas and information are available, people can get easily confused and this can slowly give birth to new myths. This article is about the most common myths people have in relation to gutter guard.


Are you spending your free time picking out debris and leaves from your gutters? With DX Gutter Guard, you no longer have to spend another second of your precious time. We bring you the best gutter guards in and across Sydney for your homes, which allow you to live a hassle and worry-free life.

At DX Gutter Guard, we provide you with an adequate cover that ensures cleanliness in your gutters and helps your homes remain protected. With our expertise, commitment, and experience, we maintain high quality in our services. The DX Gutter Guard self-cleans and saves you the trouble of going through that

DX Gutter Guard is your one-stop solution for gutter problems. With our Gutter Mesh Installation, you can rest assured about no entry of pests, mosquitoes, and birds into the gutters. With a zero on the flammability index, our mesh also helps secure your homes from unwanted fires. The Gutter Cover Installation is done by well-equipped professionals to ensure your satisfaction. You can contact us to know more about the Gutter Cover Installation Cost

Here, at DX Gutter Guard, we aim to provide you with the best services to suit your needs. We follow a systematic process in the gutter guard installation. The method includes examining and inspecting the gutters, followed by a thorough cleaning. Experts undertake the Gutter guard Installation process with the right technical knowledge for the task. This process is designed in a way to ensure maximum advantages to each customer

As a Sydneysider, we are aware of the occurrence of Bushfire incidents, and your safety is our priority. By installing the DX Gutter Guard, you can ensure your family’s security and home from any such mishaps. The leaf guard leaves no chance of a bushfire. When you think of Gutter Guard Sydney, you think of DX Gutter Guard.

At DX Gutter Guard, we aim to provide you with effective gutter guards regardless of the home you reside in. Feel free to drop in your further queries about the Gutter Guard Installation Cost and any other details, our experts would guide you through the process

With DX Gutter Guards installation at your home, you can trust the product to take care of your homes with efficiency. So you can sit back and enjoy that weekend without a worry!

Get the most effective installation done for your Gutter Guards.

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