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Spreading The Love

anthony panuccio
anthony panuccio
Amazing service and quality. Job done professionally. Highly recommended!
Tom Sumner
Tom Sumner
After responding promptly to my enquiry, Diego did a fantastic job of cleaning our gutters and installing gutter guard on our two story house. We were a little worried about how the gutter guard may look, but he colour matched everything perfectly and installed it so neatly - we are very happy with the result.
Phil Hayes
Phil Hayes
Diego came to our home to repair some damaged gutter guard and to clean underneath gutter guard that had been installed years ago. In some areas grass had started to grow through the guard. Diego was very thorough and completed all work to a high standard, including fixing installation problems from the original installer. He communicated well on all aspects of the job and shared many images of before and after so I could see exactly the work done. He also cleaned up leaf matter on the hard areas under the gutter at the end and left our home clean and tidy. Diego is just a pleasure to deal with. I would have no hesitations in recommending Diego and would most certainly use him again.
Jo D
Jo D
Diego put in gutter guards for my property in the inner west. He did a great job. Fast response , good price, good quality. I highly recommend.
Megan Dunn
Megan Dunn
Super happy with Diego and the job he did on my gutters. He did a thorough job and cleaned the whole outside after he had finished. I will definitely use his services again. Megan
Diego helped us install gutter guards for our two storey house, carport and granny flat. He was pleasant to work with and even came quite late in the evening just to get the job done. Thank you Diego for your good work!
Patrick Rouvray
Patrick Rouvray
Diego did a fantastic job, very happy with the result. Responsive and attentive to our needs, I would recommend him without a 2sd thought. Thanks Diego.
Karianne “KaLaf Artwork” Lafrance
Karianne “KaLaf Artwork” Lafrance
We are very happy with DX Gutter Guard! They worked very hard, the job is well done and they were very easy to communicate with answering texts and phone calls very fast! Would definitely recommend! Thanks guys!
Anna Pohl
Anna Pohl
After providing a clear quote and explaining what was required, Diego did a fabulous job of installing gutter guard on my house, and cleaning the gutters as well. He was efficient, precise and did a great job. I highly recommend him.

Gutter Cleaning Sydney | Gutter Guard Mesh | Gutter Cleaning Sydney

Are you looking for gutter guards for your home? DX Gutter Guard is the most trusted name for gutters all across Sydney. We provide you a reasonable price with excellent quality.

Is your gutter dirty and requires regular maintenance from your end? Well, with DX Gutter Guard, you have nothing to worry about. Our expert professionals will install the gutter guard mesh to protect your roofs from any long-term damage.

If you’re wondering how to install gutter guards, We have got you covered. Get in touch with our associates to get a quote and more details anytime.

 With DX Gutter Guard, you will have nothing to worry about. We provide you with a free quote as per your needs, and we cater to all kinds of gutters and homes.

If worrying about your clogged gutter is a common experience for you, we have the perfect gutter cleaning solution for you. DX Gutter Guard is almost synonymous with Gutter Cleaning in Sydney, with our expertise and experience. Our services are reliable and trusted by Sydneysiders and we have achieved 100% customer satisfaction. Our services are available for you, with just a call. Reach out to us at 0420 764 180 to declutter that gutter!

Is cleaning your gutter and installing gutter guards important?Absolutely.
We cannot emphasize enough upon this.

  • Installing gutter guards not only makes your life easier, it increases the lifespan of your gutters significantly.
  • With gutter guards in place, you minimize the risk of bushfires damaging your beautiful homes
  • Our Gutter Guard keeps all twigs, debris and dry leaves out and thus no ember bushfires.
  • The Micro-mesh keeps out any pests from entering and contaminating the rainwater. It helps you maintain hygiene around your house
  • The gutter guards allow you to harvest rainwater far more easily, by keeping out most impurities.
  • With proper gutter guards like ours, you ensure the water flows in the right direction and doesn’t get clogged. This safeguards you from expensive roof damages too

Convinced yet? It only helps to tell you that DX Gutter Guard is the most loved name in Sydney So, It’s time you turn a new leaf over for your gutters, by installing the DX Gutter Guard.

How we clean your gutters?

Our professionals are trained in work with all kinds of gutters and roofs. With their experience, you have nothing to worry about. We work with all kinds of roofs, including Corrugated Roofs, KlipLok Roofs, Tiled Roofs, Trim Deck Roofs etc.
Our technicians are happy to help you with any queries that you may have. We strive to give you the best service at all times, with long-lasting and valuable benefits for you. With our experience over the years, we guarantee you best prices and long term services for your satisfaction.

We take care of your gutter guard installation and gutter cleaning needs.

We offer specially designed kits from your KlipLok Roof. With the DX Gutter Guard, you don’t have to worry about your gutters anymore.The kit contains an aluminum mesh with 3mm X 4mm homes. The gutter mesh is tested and approved by CSIRO to have a zero inflammability index. It is available in the full range of colorbond colors to match your KlipLok Roof perfectly. It protects any debris from entering your gutters and also keeps the leaves out. This safeguards your homes from ember bushfires.

Our best gutter guards are installed by professionals that save you the hassle of worrying about it. The KlipLok Roof Gutter Guard kit ensures clear gutters without having you climb the ladders again.

Don’t waste another minute, call us at 0420 764 180 to get a free quote

DX Gutter Guard offers you specialized kits for your corrugated roofs. Upon installing the DX Gutter Guard, you can ensure to increase the life of your Corrugated iron/metals roofs. With the gutter guard kit, we assure you don’t have to climb up to clean your gutters.
Our trims are 10mm X 15mm with a Colorbond sheeting of BlueScope Steels. This helps maintain the aesthetics of your roof while getting the job done.Our Gutter Guard kit for Corrugated Roofs ensures no pests and debris can pass through the mesh. This aids in maintaining hygiene and helps you harvest rainwater efficiently.

The DX Gutter Guard Mesh is specially cut out to fit your corrugated roof gutters well. Our Gutter Guards are available in all colors to match your Corrugated roof. Contact us to get a free quote at 0420 764 180

At DX Gutter Guard, we provide you with a specialized kit for your Trimdek Roof that will keep your home safe and get you maximum efficiency. Our trims are made from Colorbond sheeting of BlueScope steel, and thus bring you a wide range of color options. The 10mm X 15mm trims are made to fit your Trimdek Roof perfectly.Our mesh is coated with the highest-grade powder coating available on the market. This ensures the inflammability index remains zero and keeps your home safe from bushfires.

With our expert professionals installing the gutter guards on your Trimdek roofs, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Our high-quality guards ensure the life of your gutters is also increased significantly.
Contact us now 0420 764 180 for your free quote

Are you looking for a gutter guard for your tiled roof? Well, our exclusive Tiled Roof Gutter Guard is what you need. Our Gutter Guard works with all kinds of tiled roofs.Our Gutter Guard kit contains a gutter mesh that will keep away any pests, birds, and debris from making their way into your gutters. The mesh is tested and approved by the coating companies and the CSIRO to have a zero flammability index. Since the kit is for Tiled Roofs, the mesh and screws are designed to secure everything. The 10mm X 15mm trims are cut out and made to fit your tiled roofs perfectly.

With Our Gutter Guard, you can also have access to fresh and clean harvested rainwater. The micromesh stops even tiny insects and leaves from entering. Thus, clean flow of water is maintained.
Call us at 0420 764 180 for your free quote now!

Get the most effective installation done for your gutter guards.

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