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We are the most inexpensive roofing company in town. That doesn’t mean we cut corners and leave you with a bad roof.

I thought they will come and directly install the gutter guard. To my surprise, they had a complete sequential process to follow. They installed the gutter guard after complete inspection was performed. They are awesome!!!
Roger Thomas
Boca Raton, FL
The DX Gutter Guard people are the experts and they do not create a mess at all. They take care of the cleanliness of your gutters as well as your house at the same time.
Jean Williams
Defiance, OH
I was looking for a gutter guard installation service provider online when I came across DX Gutter Guard. I checked the reviews and user comments and I was really impressed. I am glad I hired them.
Peter Wills
Houston, TX
Whenever someone comes to me for recommendation on gutter guard installation, the only name I have in mind is of DX Gutter Guard.
Kate Smith
Roanoke, LA
Bushfires were a common incident in our area and most of the times the leaves with fire trying to enter the gutter was a great threat. Hence, we decided to get it covered and we called DX Gutter Guard. Thank God we did so. They turned out to be the best.
Jazz Brown
North East, MD
Diego did an incredible job cleaning out the gutters at my place. He was very professional and clean with his work. Diego was very helpful as well. We asked him to help put spikes on the roof near the front of the house because we had birds sitting and making nests there. He installed the spikes and mesh for us and did a wonderful job of it. We hope to use his service everytime and also highly recommend him. You won't be disappointed.
Mona Nadan
Bethel Park, PA
Diego is the nicest and most professional young man! He explained the process and did an incredible job. He provides wonderful service. He was thorough and professional. I hope to have him provide my gutter cleaning service every time! To say that I was appreciative and pleased with his work is an understatement! Thank you, Diego! I look forward to doing business with you again!
Miguel Yamin
North East, MD
Diego from DX Gutter Guard & Installation did an amazing job with cleaning my roof and gutter. There was almost 3 years of built up dirt all gone now! Diego was patient, thorough and joyful with completing the task. I Received such a welcoming service and I recommend him to anyone. GX Gutter Guard is the way to go!
Vanessa Szczepaniak
Bethel Park, PA

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