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Does Your Gutter Guard Need Replacing

Everything has a life, so do your gutters, after some years they give an alert alarm of their end and signal that they might have become old to channel the water and protect your roofing. Though they may have served for decades while lending you solace from trouble-free cleaning, every gutter has an expiration date.

Gutter guards are life Saviour and essential if you live in Australia and perhaps I don’t think I need to give an explanation to justify my words, I believe you’re already well aware of the loaded benefits of the guards and their paramount to keep your house safe. With its potential of filtering debris, dirt and leaves from your gutters and move them off from your roof, it makes the drainage journey smooth through the gutter to where it belongs! But the one problem associated with the gutter guard is their replacement.


The hustle of finding the worthy installers and guards is really a tough job yet the good news is with our years of experience and a great team of experts, the dx gutter guard is buckled up to fix your roof. Moreover, our team doesn’t just replace the gutters but also inspect your roof and give a detailed analysis of the conditions, health and remaining lifespan. Now when we’ve accumulated experience and knowledge in our hands of installing in the domestic, commercial and construction industry, we try to provide as many benefits as we can deliver to your door. With our knack for understanding and insight about gutter guards and roofing, we advise on any scenario or situations/problems concerning roof maintenance and gutter safety.

How we analyze if your gutter needs replacement

You’d definitely not want to rip down the perfectly good gutter and pile up with the bills which were actually not necessary at the moment. That’s why the Dx gutter guard team first evaluates the condition of guards and replaces them only if they are entirely needed. There are signs of ageing we look for before renewing, some of them are:


Due to exposure to the sun plastic gutter guards can start to crack after a certain period. And once those cracks become large, it loses its capacity to strain out the debris, while allowing all the dirt in and again that dirt, debris and leaves compile in the gutters hindering the water flow, which eventually means they fail to fulfil the objective. So while examining the guard’s condition we look for large holes/cracks which can’t be repaired.

The pile of dirt collected on the guards:

In some cases due to the lack of maintenance, the dirt build-up on the top of gutter guards or the bottom line tile to such an extent that the ensuing weed or tiny plants find it suitable for the growth. As they grow, they push the mesh upward. This is similar to the growth of tree roots that can break the concrete pathway as it grows from underneath the ground. So in these cases, we prefer to replace the guards to remove the roots from beneath the old guard and gutter.

We find this reason important enough to replace because those weeds do now only clog the gutters and avert the water flow but also affect the roofing life – as they absorb moisture, as well as the collected water, they act as an add on for the mould & bacterial development.

Why you should choose us:

The gutter business attracts many people, and indeed you can find several options to get your gutter done but today I will give you reasons why you should choose our help for your next gutter guard installation and gutter guard cleaning.

Stacks of yellow ceramic roofing tiles for covering residential building roof under construction.

Closeup of attic windows on house roof top covered with ceramic shingles. Tiled covering of building

We work within your budget:

Certainly, this is one of the important factors while considering gutter installation. Numerous installers might claim to work within your budget but end up piling on bills. However, at dx gutter, we ensure you know whatever approach we are applying. Precisely we discuss everything with our clients before making any changes.

We choose the top-notch material:

Yes, we fix your gutter on a considerable budget but that absolutely doesn’t mean we anywhere compromise with the quality of material we use. Before choosing any material we ensure the durability, climatic conditions of that area, house design, and your budget. From copper to Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Galvanised Steel and plastic we offer every variety for you to choose the most durable gutter you can afford.

A gutter guard installation can be the best possible option to expand the life of your roof and to keep your gutter free from debris, dirt and ice. However, many gutters don’t live up to their promises but we believe in providing top-grade work to our clients. Be it gutter guard cleaning or gutter guard installation, the dx gutter guard is always there to help! So to get the quote call us now on 0420764180 or email contact@dxgutterguard.com.au

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