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Tips And Tricks For Roof Gutter Cleaning

Gutters protect houses from structural damage because of water leakage and flooding by diverting water away from the roof. Diverting water from the rooftops prevents structural damage and enhances its aesthetics. But what are the general maintenance tips to keep your gutters in perfect condition?

“Naturally experts advise cleaning your gutters in spring and fall. Spring brings warmer weather, which makes cleaning easier. Especially for those that live in cooler climates. Just after everything has thawed out, you should go up on that roof and start cleaning.”

If every homeowner and every business owner knew the proper way to clean out their roof gutters, there would be fewer injuries and deaths and far less property damage. If the rainwater does not flow smoothly through the gutter and downspout system, it can cause rainwater damage which can cost a substantial amount of money.

Below are some practical tips on gutter cleaning.

There is no time like the present to clean out those blocked gutters, and to do it safely.

Proper precautions are the key to keeping yourself and your home safe while doing gutter cleaning

Let's start with safety:

If more homeowners knew the proper way to clean out their roof gutters, deaths and injuries could be reduced. Most injuries are avoidable.

1. Ladder Safety:

When cleaning gutters the old-fashioned way make sure that you use a ladder that has a shelf that is stable            enough to support a bucket full of debris. And you should notify someone, such as a neighbor or relative, that you will be using a      ladder to clean your roof and gutters.

2. Gloves:

are essential to protect your hands from debris that is rife with bacteria and any torn metal shards or ragged edges.Cleaning gutters with no protective eyewear is risky, because bees, wasps, birds, frogs, and rodents may come flying out of the downspout and cause an eye injury.

3. Rubber Shoes:

When climbing a ladder or on a roof, make sure you wear shoes that won’t slip and fall.

4. Power Line Hazard:

Take extra care when working near power lines that may have been neglected for a long time and have undergone a great deal of degradation. If you see damage to a cable, call a licensed electrician to fix it.

Stacks of yellow ceramic roofing tiles for covering residential building roof under construction.

Closeup of attic windows on house roof top covered with ceramic shingles. Tiled covering of building

Get the best tools available:

1. Garden hose:

Consider a garden hose with pistol-grip trigger spray nozzles. These nozzles allow you to change the water pressure with just one hand. Ensure the down spouts are free from debris. Running the water hose down the down spout after all gutters have been cleaned at full pressure will determine if there are any clogs.

2. Gutter Scoop:

Clean your roof of all debris by raking or power washing it first. Otherwise, rain will wash debris down into your clean gutters, clogging it up again. Another consequence of debris left on the roof is that water can collect in valleys, around the chimney or next to HVAC equipment, which can cause erosion and leaks over time.

If the downspout is clogged, it needs to be unclogged:

Run the water hose down the down spout full pressure after all the gutters have been cleaned out. If the water overflows from the top, a clog is present. Tap on the side to unclog it normally, but if that doesn’t work, remove the and back. Then flush it from the bottom. If an underground drain connects the downspout to a clog, it is best to disconnect the underground drain bottom from the downspout. Otherwise, the clog can progress to the underground drain.

Plan Semi-Annual Cleaning:

Gutter cleaning should be performed at least twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. Cleaning your gutters is one way of ensuring your property is protected from potential water damage caused by rainwater run-off from a clogged gutter. Another reason is to reduce the chance of corrosion due to rust. During the summer, even though there may be no rain, if there is debris in the gutters, the corrosion process can speed up. The rusting process is slow when a gutter is clean. The more rust there is, the sooner you will need new gutters.

Be Aware Of Power Line Hazards:

When cleaning gutters around a power line cable that drops from the roof to the pole, have an electrician examine the connection where the cable meets the roof. These checks ensure that the protective wire insulation hasn’t rubbed off due to weather and other nearby trees. Don’t attempt to repair the cable if it appears damaged; instead, call a licensed electrician to fix it. If some electrical problem occurs while it is raining, do not attempt to clean out the gutters until the problem is fixed. Water conducts electricity well. It is advisable to have the electrical wiring repaired before cleaning out your gutters if it is raining or not.

Invest in Gutter Guards:

Installing a quality gutter guard minimizes the need for gutter cleaning. Before buying a gutter protection system that keeps out leaves and pine needles, carefully examine manufacturer’s claims because many promises can’t be met.

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