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What Is Gutter Mesh

What Is Gutter Mesh?

An important part of protecting your home is keeping leaves, twigs and rubbishes out of your gutter system. If the gutter is overflowing, then it can lead to the damage on the roof of your house and walls as well. Insects and other pests get attracted by the stagnant water in the unprotected gutter. Also, the stagnant water can cause physical damage to the gutter and the roof. Because of these reasons, it is essential to find an efficient way to keep your gutter system protected from being clogged by the debris. There are some different methods which are commonly used to give protection to the gutters, from leaves and debris.

Gutter Mesh, Gutter Guard, Leaf Guard are the different names of the gutter protection, the most common solution or methods which are used mostly to protect your gutter system from leaves and debris.


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The purpose of designing gutter guard is keeping leaves and debris out of your gutter system and preventing the gutter from accumulating by debris. There are different types of gutter guards or leaf guards are available in the market, each has its own approach to keeping your gutter clogged free. A gutter mesh functions as a porous roof for your gutter system, and it can be made of aluminium, plastic or stainless steel. You can attach gutter mesh easily to the top of your gutter.

This type of gutter guard can cover the complete gutter with a mesh film. Gutter mesh trap the leaves and the debris on the top of the gutter mesh while the water passes through the small holes. The gutter mesh feels like it can protect your gutter system from birds and rats building nests, and it’s easy to install.

To understand the function of gutter mesh you can compare it with a mesh strainer, which we used to filter fruit juice or something fluid like that. The gutter mesh acts the same as a filtering mesh strainer. While the gutter mesh work for a time, if you don’t clean the leaves and the debris from the leaf guard or gutter mesh regularly, they will be clogged and even water can not go through it.

As a result, stagnant water can damage your roof and walls also, which you definitely don’t want. Gutter mesh can reduce the chance of how often you need to climb on a ladder to clean the leaves and debris or you are spending money to get the gutter system cleaned.

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Gutter mesh by Dx Gutter Guard is simple by design, it combines the best materials and aperture and installation features for the gutter system and home protection. We provide aluminium and steel gutter mesh, which are strong enough and durable with the rust resistance power. Both gutter mesh is flexible to be used as gutter guard or leaf guard for homes in bushfire areas. For the homeowner in bush fire prone areas in Australia, our 3X4 mm aluminium gutter mesh can also function as an ember guard to protect your home from the ember attack.

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